Uh, so let’s do this thing.

I haven’t blogged in almost a year and I decide I’m going to jump right back into it with NaBloPoMawhatsit. Because when it comes to these things, why not go all out, right?

I didn’t quite plan this ahead though, so that’s why I’m posting at the last minute on the first and not really saying anything, just totally phoning it in with a picture from our recent fall photo shoot.


I just love it. I love HIM. I know, so schmoopy. But seriously, ten years together, almost eight married. Two houses, one kid with a NICU stay, one cancer, another recent recurrence scare. It’s ups and downs, and it’s love, and I feel like it’s all captured right there.

Bringing Back the Words

Oh, look, I do still have a blog! Well, actually, I kind of didn’t for awhile. A few days ago, I got the urge to blog again and went to log in and uhhhhhhhh….nothing. White page. WTF. Turns out my Instagram plug in broke things, like two months ago, but I hadn’t realized it.


Anyway, I have a working blog again! And I kinda feel like writing again! So, I’m starting with Ginger’s prompt for this week (and I swear one of these days, I’m going to work though some of the old ones because they are so good).

This week: What’s something you think you’d like to do, but are a little afraid of? Why?

Guys, I have a little secret. For years now, I’ve wanted to be a roller derby girl. It just looks fun, like good stress relief, our derby girls do a ton to support the community, and I just think it would be badass.

But a couple of things always stop me, some probably more realistic than others. For starters, I’m not a very good skater. Ice skates, yes, I can hold my own, but wheels are a different story. Last time I was on roller skates was probably twelve years ago and someone had to literally push me around the rink.

Also, I have a serious fear of breaking all of my bones. I mean, it’s a contact sport on wheels. That seems like a broken bone waiting to happen, doesn’t it?

The other is a little stupid, I know. I’m simply petrified to meet a new group of people like that. Never mind that they constantly have workshops and always encourage newbies to come out, there is still something that intimidates me about jumping into an established group of people. Maybe that I can get over that one day.

I don’t know… can I learn to skate? Could I get over my fear of body casts? Could I really do this?